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Sustainable Urban and Rural Development Strategy Vision 2022)


'To open a new page on the socio-economic level in the city and society,

Evaluating and developing the social, economic and physical potential of the city - with the principles of efficiency and innovation,

Establishing strong cooperation and sharing networks at national and international levels,

To create a human-oriented, durable living space within a sustainable and regenerative ecosystem that attaches importance to social development and inclusion.




'Participatory and Inclusive Local Government Project' coordinated by Safranbolu Municipality and SUDA;

carried out by our academic team and working group.  

Participation of stakeholders in the city with an inclusive approach to decision-making mechanisms.
To establish a culture of cooperation and the habit of working together in the city.
Establishing dialogue among shareholders and between stakeholders and the city administration.
To establish trust in the city administration, thus increasing urban awareness and sense of ownership.


The aim of the project is to create a participatory and inclusive local government mechanism in line with the vision of Safranbolu Municipality Strategic Plan (2020-2024). and to strengthen local government capacity and social capacity in this process.
Participatory planning; local and central government bodies, city residents and all other stakeholders;  it covers the steps of generating ideas for the city in interaction,  taking part in decision-making processes and taking action.

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Kompost Safranbolu


Agriculture, Food and Compost

At Safranbolu Municipality, under the management of Agricultural Engineers Mine and Mehmet Pakkaner, we have taken an important step to protect and regenerate the soil and to provide clean, healthy food.

Photo: As the SUDA team, we had a pleasant and productive work together with our Safranbolu Mayor Elif Köse and Agricultural Engineer Pınar Alazoğlu Uslu.

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Micro Hydro Energy Project

We are carrying out a Micro Hydro Power Plant project to produce energy from water that comes to the city's treatment facility by natural force. Thus, the energy needs of the high-consuming facility will be met and we will provide additional income to the municipality through excess production.



Within the scope of the project; 

  • Separate training programs for existing operators, cooks and service teams,

  • Separate training programs for potential manager, cook and service staff candidates who want to enter the sector (young people and women, primarily vocational training and entrepreneurship training)

  • Food and beverage experiences for educational purposes at designated venues in Istanbul,

  • Training and consultancy to improve the spatial quality of food and beverage establishments in the city,

  • Promotional activities: Certification, promotional support, rating, etc.

  • Activities aimed at contributing to the food and drink culture of city residents (Safranbolu and Karabük province in general)

  • Planning other events within the framework of association with tourism

and similar activities...

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Conference & Study Project on Construction in Urban Protected Areas

To create an information exchange environment for the development of building policies and action plans (plan notes, design guide, etc.) for Safranbolu and similar cities (with urban protected areas), and to give Safranbolu a leading role in this regard in Turkey and the world.

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