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The Imaginarium

The imaginarium Project is an initiative designed to address the need for innovative action plans, social interaction, adaptability, collaboration, socio-economic resilience, crisis mitigation and multiple other basic needs and functions on the micro local scale and the macro national scale. 

The Imaginarium.jpg

The Imaginarium Project

The Imaginarium Project activates engaged, empowered and resilient local communities for sustainable and effective solutions and crisis mitigation where factors such as population density, migration, climate and environmental related disasters and multiple challenging factors of urban life affect social coherence and wellbeing.

The Imaginarium Project intends to mitigate the problems and activate the advantages of our urban centres and the potential of communities so that individuals can live their best lives. 

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Flexibility and adaptive capability are core to the sustainability of projects and to the ongoing wellbeing of the communities, therefore the project has a core capacity to Imagine and Re-Imagine the site specific project functions and activities according to the emerging needs and situation.

The Imaginarium Project identifies the specific unique potential of each site and integrates and accentuates this into the custom design of each Hub

HATAY Defne Ekin College

Hatay was devastated by earthquakes in February 2023. The entire area is in great need for massive re-building in terms of physical space, infrastructure, socio-economic development and the moral and psychology of the people. Multiple organisations have a presence in the region and local government and organisations are stretched to capacity to solve the ongoing problems and to meet the needs of the people. The Imaginarium Project is designed to enable multi stake/shareholder collaboration to improve their reach, capacity, functions and potential.

The specific needs of the Hatay region are the inspiration behind the Imaginarium Project and all the Core and Site Specific Functions are designed to both meet the existing needs of Hatay and its people but also to evolve and grow with Hatay as the region heals and the needs change.

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Aktiviteler & Fonksiyonlar

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The Hatay Defne School Imaginarium project functions as a comprehensive system for earthquake-affected women, youth and children in Hatay. It offers psychological support, creates spaces for social interaction, facilitates meaningful activities, provides occupational training and employment opportunities, and ensures access to study and co-working spaces. These functions collectively contribute to the holistic well-being, empowerment, and economic independence of the individuals and the community at large, fostering a resilient and thriving society. In isolation and as part of a network of potential Imaginarium Projects in the region, it contributes to the overall well-being, resilience, and economic recovery of the entire community.

The Imaginarium project serves a multifaceted role in addressing the needs and aspirations of earthquake-affected women, youth and children in Hatay. Its functions encompass a wide range of vital services and support.

Among the planned activities are:

  • Disaster Mitigation & Therapy Group Sessions and Projects

  • Gastronomy F&B Occupational Training

  • Other Occupational Training

  • Onsite Enterprise

  • Study and Co-working Spaces

  • Play Space for Children


HATAY Defne School Site Specific Physical Amenities and Structures:

The Hatay Imaginarium Project site will be constructed using cost effective modular prefabricated and effective shelter systems. They will provide the physical space necessary for all the intended functions and activities of the project while also ensuring an environment that is beneficial to the mental health of the people. Considering that many of the local people are residing in mobile container homes and temporary housing solutions it is important to create a unique space that will enhance their experience and their sense of connection to the project and the activities that unfold there.

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