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About Us

“In every decision we make, we have to consider the effects on the next seven generations.”
- A saying and approach attributed to the Iroquois.

The Sustainable Urban Development Platform providing "Urban Development" support to Local Authorities was established in 2018 by bringing together wide ranging expertise.

Our Advisory Board consists of 16 of Turkey's leading academics and many professionals.  

SUDA is a combination of the Platform together with the Sustainable Urban Development Association and

The working format of the Platform with the Association empowers us and allows us to be more efficient and effective, and to amplify our work through our inclusive collaboration.

What makes our collaboration rich and inclusive is that we are a diverse group of people, each from a different background and with a different area of expertise.

We are all motivated to contribute to robust and far-reaching solutions.

HOLISTIC, COLLABORATIVE, preferring cooperation and GIFT AND SHARING culture instead of competition culture,

We came together protecting and restoring cultural and natural heritage,

and to build self-sufficient, resilient, sustainable and prosperous 

Some of our Association Members


Serdar Karadağ

Founding Member and President

After graduating from ITU City and Regional Planning and Marmara University Management Specialization, he has been a specialist and manager in the private sector for nearly 25 years in the field of real estate projects development, and has managed the investment and development processes of many large-scale mixed-use and commercial projects. He has international and national memberships and activities in his fields of study.


Jodie Harburt Karadağ

Founding member

Originally from England she has been living in Turkey for over 30 years. Jodie is a designer, artist, writer, gardener, mother and partner. She uses her construction, landscaping and design-based foundation in continuing work on various projects and also as Circle host and workshop facilitator. She is motivated to instigate change towards ecological and regenerative practices in every area of life and scale possible. 
Enlivened by diversity Jodie embraces the varied facets of a kaleidoscopic focus some of which are: connection and conversation, nature alignment and rewilding, consumer awareness and producer accountability, community and bioregional resilience, permaculture and local farming, urban gardens, food security, regenerative urban planning, eco-building and more.

Pinar Gokbayrak.jpg

Pınar Gökbayrak


Architect. She designs human-oriented physical spaces.


Elif Huriel


I was born in 1971 in Balikesir. I am a food engineer. I worked in a corporate company (beverage industry) for 27 years. I am currently retired. I am trying to educate myself about what I can do in the field of agriculture by taking trainings on agriculture and adding my food knowledge. 
At the same time, I have been dealing with ceramics for 25 years and I am working on my project to move from hobby status to a small scale manufacturer. 
I am married, I have a 16-year-old daughter and a 19-year-old son.

Yalcin Kurt.jpg

Yalçın Kurt


He is a manager in a private institution that provides Commercial Real Estate, Valuation and Consultancy Services,

And every week, on the channel “Property of the Rich Züzürün Çenesi”, again with the title of real estate; He makes podcasts and broadcasts with news from the country and the world.


Elena Kiyaeva



Ayça Aytaç

Founding Member

Senior Urban Planner
VQA Certified Professional Coach
Education and Career Counselor
"She assists along the journey towards a happy future."

Pinar Gerikalmaz.jpg

Pınar Gerikalmaz


She is interested in sustainability, ecology, agriculture, food security, local women's entrepreneurship, horizontal and democratic organization. She is in the Sustainable Urban Development Association to support issues such as inclusion, rural women's work, sustainable agricultural production and cooperatives, branding, and national and EU supported projects.


She believes that each of us's individual effort, choices, (to do and not to do) play a role in the well-being of individuals, communities and all living things. She believes that great changes start with individual motivation but can only spread with solidarity and determination.


Burçak Salungan Dinç


An art historian who likes to live life naturally, wants to enjoy being in touch with art and nature, knows the value of what nature has given us and wants to pay off her debt to nature ...

Yeni-Adem Akkır_edited.jpg

Adem Akkır


Adem AKKIR, who graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law, continues his career at MGC Legal as a Partner.

In addition to the Sustainable Urban Development Association, he also operates in the Living Law Association and the Değer Autism Association.


Fatma Cam Denizci


Founder of Şile Ovacık Village Women's Seed Association, Chairman of the Board since 2012 - continuing.
From the Founders of Slow Food Şile Palamut since 2014.
Co-founder of Slow Food Şile Earth Market, 2015 – ongoing.
One Day in Ovacık Village project manager, 2018- ongoing.

Working to make women who produce visible and to include them in social and economic life.
Tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis. Fatma works to find solutions by raising social awareness.

Cattails-lake - Kopya.jpg
Cattails-lake - Kopya.jpg

Our Other Members

Gülayşe Kara - Kurucu Üye

Mustafa Güneş - Kurucu Üye

İlhan Dinç

Mesut Huriel

Elena Kiyaeva

Ali John Ünal

Mustafa Emre Kavlak

Tamer Denizci

İlkay İleri

Buket Müftüoğlu

Robert Karanfil

Güner Şan

Cem Erdem Kuleyin

Özgün Önal

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