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How We Do It

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The Sustainable Urban Development Platform was founded in 2018, bringing together experts from different areas to support Local Governments for the "Sustainable Economic Development" of urban and rural settlements.

The Platform evaluates all economic, social, and cultural data of cities, targets and preferences of the Local Government teams and the citizens. In the light of these data and within the framework of innovative scientific approaches, we support Local Governments to develop strategies for Urban Development.

The Platform designs the projects in coordination with the Local Governments in line with the targets and preferences within the framework of the determined strategy.

The SUDA Platform, prepares Urban Development projects in cooperation with academics from Turkey's top universities, private sector professionals, NGOs and national and international institutions.  

The Platform teams with the Local Governments on financing solutions such as financing from national and international institutions, private sector investments and sponsorships.

The success of the projects implemented is of vital importance for the Local Government to continue producing similar projects and to achieve vibrant, sustainable economic growth. The Platform continues to work with the Local Governments to achieve this success and continues to use its knowledge and experience to achieve the cities' goals.


The platform works with full transparency with the Local Government in all of the projects and in every detail of each project so that each city will become self-sufficient in developing and implementing such projects and initiating new ones.

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