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About Us

“In every decision we make, we have to consider the effects on the next seven generations.”
- A saying and approach attributed to the Iroquois.

The Sustainable Urban Development Platform providing "Urban Development" support to Local Authorities was established in 2018 by bringing together wide ranging expertise.

Our Advisory Board consists of 16 of Turkey's leading academics and many professionals.  

SUDA is a combination of the Platform together with the Sustainable Urban Development Association and

The working format of the Platform with the Association empowers us and allows us to be more efficient and effective, and to amplify our work through our inclusive collaboration.

Our Story

What makes our collaboration rich and inclusive is that we are a diverse group of people, each from a different background and with a different area of expertise.

We are all motivated to contribute to robust and far-reaching solutions.

HOLISTIC, COLLABORATIVE, preferring cooperation and GIFT AND SHARING culture instead of competition culture,

We came together protecting and restoring cultural and natural heritage,

and to build self-sufficient, resilient, sustainable and prosperous 

Some of our Association Members

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